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Pigeon Healthifry digital airfryer 4.2 L 1200W Air Fryer
Pigeon Healthifry digital airfryer 4.2 L 1200W Air Fryer


Pigeon Healthifry digital airfryer 4.2 L 1200W Air Fryer : Pricing Info

The starting price for the Pigeon Healthifry digital airfryer 4.2 L 1200W Air Fryer in India is ₹ 3299. It's available at this rate as of 11th April 2024.

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Product Details



Introducing the Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer under ₹3500 – your gateway to healthier indulgence! This advanced air fryer comes with a setting function designed exclusively for crafting mouthwatering fried delights, including meats, pastries, and potato chips. With a generous 4.2 liters capacity, relish your beloved french fries, samosas, and nuggets without any concerns. The Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer revolutionizes cooking with its 85% less oil usage, requiring just a single spoon of oil to prepare your all-time favorite dishes. Harnessing the power of 360° High Speed Air Circulation Technology, this appliance replicates the crispy goodness of traditional frying using hot air circulation. Experience rapid and even cooking, thanks to its swift heating capabilities, driven by a concentrated heat source and an intelligently designed fan system. Elevate your culinary adventures affordably with the Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer under ₹3500 – the perfect companion for your modern kitchen.

Additional information



Model Number

Healthifry digital airfryer 4.2 L 1200W



Pan Capacity

4.2 L

Power Consumption

1200 W

Power Requirement

220 – 240 V




45 cm


30 cm


25 cm


5.25 g

Warranty Summary

2 year product warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase

Covered in Warranty

Warranty of the Product is Limited to Manufacturing Defects Only

Not Covered in Warranty

Any Damage or Defect in Product Arising Due to Wrong Usage or Normal and Tear

767 reviews for Pigeon Healthifry digital airfryer 4.2 L 1200W Air Fryer

  1. Richa Jacinta

    Just awesome. I was looking for this for a long time. Flipkart made it easy for me. Thank you for selling the genuine products.

  2. utsav mahajan

    The product does not even starts. Have already replaced with one and even the replaced one is not working. The customer service also seems pathetic and even the company seems careless on delivering the product without even checking it once.

  3. ashhar perwez

    Amazing product amazing price 👍. I roast the chicken and baked some cookies. it came out unexpected 😁
    I recommend this product to buy.

  4. Shilpi Yadav

    Superb go for it 😊

  5. Flipkart Customer

    Very gudd product , i made onion rings and french fries, it taste gudd very gudd.. very happy with the product, must buy product for healthy living and u can enjoy yummy food too.

  6. Aniruddhaveer Singh

    Very good experience 👌👌every kind of food that we made came out amazing beyond our expectations !!! Also lookwise its very beautiful and easy to understand . Go for it it’s an amazing product.

  7. Flipkart Customer

    Superb product.. Very nice.. I like it..

  8. praveen kumar

    Excellent product for making oil free food and thanks Flipkart for fast delivery

  9. Flipkart Customer

    Amazing Product Ever 👌👌

  10. Rosy Karn

    Very pathetic experience from pigeon. I Won’t be recommending this product to you all. When you try to call customer service center first of all they do not pick up the call , and when you try to call them 6-7 times then they will pick the call and they will never help you with your problem. Such a ridiculous person they all are . Please do not buy this product if you have some respect towards yourself…. They are such an arrogant persons and they speak in such a bad way more like abusive …. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT !!

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How to Repair Pigeon Healthifry digital airfryer 4.2 L 1200W Air Fryer

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